Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Marvel Tsum Tsum: Mystery Pack Series 1 - Rocket Racoon

For Valentine's Day my wife picked up a blind package of the small vinyl Marvel Tsum Tsum toys. I gathered she was on the aisle looking for something for my two daughters and thought I might like one of these. She said she didn't stand there feeling the packages trying to find anyone particular, but said the first package she picked up was able to determine the character inside.

I knew there were Marvel versions of these small Tsum Tsum toys, but I've never really taken the time to look them over. Series 1 contains 10 different characters and for the most part they all look great. Personally I love the Hobgoblin, Thanos and Rocket Racoon.

If you aren't familiar with Tsum Tsums, they are small chibi versions of popular Disney and Marvel characters. They come in different styles (i.e. plush) and sizes, however these new blind packages contian a medium size character and a stackable accessory. As you can see below, I ended up with Rocket Racoon...and baby Groot!

These toys look like pills or beans if you will. They are small, only measuring about 1 inch long. They are detailed and painted quite well for a $2.99 bling bag. Rocket here has on his iconic Guardians of the Galaxy uniform. While he looks great, it's too bad he's missing his heavy artillery he is known for carrying around.

The stackabe accessory as the package calls it is this two piece 'wooden' stump. The branch is a seperate piece that easily attaches to the base. Up top is a small baby Groot sitting in a white flower pot. Nice touch Jakks. The accessory doesn't do anything else but hold your Marvel Tsum Tsum toy.

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