Wednesday, March 16, 2016

GI Joe 25th Anniversary: Croc Master

I always gravitated to the bad guys of any toy series I was interested to. May have been the Mutants from Thundercats, the Decepticons from Transformers or in this case, Cobra from GI Joe. While I look back on some of the Cobra characters and their action figures from the original A Real American Hero series and laugh (Raptor), there is one that always stood out to be as a pretty bad a type character...

 photo YoJoe047_zpsa5ed1eef.jpg

...Cobra's Croc Master! What kid from the 80's would have wanted the figure of a guy that wrestles and trains alligators and crocodiles. Better yet, he came packaged with a crocodile! Sorry Snake Eyes; sorry Spearhead...your animal partners just can't complete w/ Croc Master!

The 25th Anniversary version of the character looks fantastic. Not much was changed to the overall costume, just updated. He has a six shooter pistol holstered on his left leg that he can wield, but I prefer the look of his Indian Jones like whip.

 photo YoJoe048_zpse1d40302.jpg

One of best features of this updated Croc Master is the fact that he comes with an updated crocodile toy. This thing has a good amount of detail sculpted right into the figure. The top of the mouth is hinged so it can open and close. The chain leash could be a little longer, but hey I can't complain too much from this release.

Since the 25th Anniversary version was released, this same figure has been used twice. He swapped his normal olive green shirt for a yellow shirt in the Pursuit of Cobra series. The figure would later be used in a 2 pack celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the brand, only this time in red. Even the crocodile was cast in red!

I get that some of the Cobra characters got to be a little far fetched, but Croc Master always seemed to be one of the more grounded characters and one that I could see a terrorist organization that hid in the Everglades employing. No matter which version of this figure you pick up, it's a great addition to your Cobra army.

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