Thursday, January 14, 2016

LEGO Nexo Knights: Preview Pack #5004388

The new year always brings new LEGO sets to retail shelves and occasionally a new theme as well. For 2016 LEGO is launching a new series called Nexo Knights. Going into the new year I really hadn't heard of this new theme or knew what it was all about. However right around Christmas I received the winter catalog in the mail and I was able to check out some of these new Nexo Knights sets.

My first impression of this theme was Visionaries (the old 80's Hasbro property) meets Dungeons & Dragons (or LEGO Castle). From what I gathered from the catalog you have Merlok and the Knights of the Round, using modernized armor for the knights. I was intrigued enough to stop by the local LEGO store on New Year's Day while out celebrating my wife and I's anniversary together. I ended up grabbing a $20 set (which I plan to share very soon), but upon checkout this preview pack was placed in my shopping bag. I saw the promo in the catalog beforehand and perhaps that along was enough to warrant checking out a set.

 photo IMG_2031_zps2pthf2dd.jpg

The preview pack comes in your standard poly bag packaging. Other than a minifigure, I really wasn't sure what I'd find in the bag and I anxiously waiting to get home before opening the bag. Upon finally opening it up I found several goodies inside, but for me (and I'm sure many others) the real draw here is the included figure.

 photo IMG_2036_zps5bri7xbb.jpg

The figure doesn't have a name (that I could find) as it's just a general henchman type. The head is double sided with a different expression on the back. I accidentally deleted the other photo I had showing this. The only accessory he comes with is this black helmet. The figure itself as you can see has some great looking detail on both the chest and legs. I love both facial expressions and wouldn't mind having a few more of these figures to round out Jestor's evil troops.

 photo IMG_2037_zpsbjlvxi1d.jpg

The other included piece is a shield on a key chain. I'm still learning about the Nexo Powers the Knights wield, but this shield comes without the face plate (that shows the Nexo Power). It's got a square brick glued onto the back of the shield where the key chain is attached, so it can't really be wielded by a minifigure. Not sure what the real purpose of this piece is to be honest.

 photo IMG_2034_zpsodm31kbq.jpg

Two sheets of stickers, one for the heroic Nexo Knights and one for the evil Jestor and his monsters. I doubt I'll find a use for these so they'll probably end up in the hands of my daughter(s).

 photo IMG_2032_zpss1hhascl.jpg

 photo IMG_2033_zpsftqpyyih.jpg

The last item inside the Preview Pack is a nice two sided poster. I prefer the 2nd image, the vertical poster layout. I often don't get too swayed by themes outside of the classic City/Town theme, but this is one for some reason that has really got me intrigued. I've watched the first few episodes of the series that debuted this week on Cartoon Network and have enjoyed it. Late last night I downloaded the free Nexo Knights app for my tablet to look into this game that is so heavily advertised on the packaging. So far I'm liking what I see and I think it's safe to say that I'll be back with additional reviews in this series.


  1. My sons are still pretty into Ninjago, but my eldest boy has expressed some interest in the Nexo Knights theme. I imagine the TV show will fuel that interest.

    I'm more of a Star Wars/DC/Marvel LEGO guy, but I do like it when LEGO brings back themes like Castle or Pirates. I can't help thinking that the jester in the lower left of that poster looks like a Joker/Harley Quinn mash-up.

    1. I kinda thought the same thing when I first saw Jestor!