Wednesday, October 21, 2015

GI Joe 25th Anniversary: Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow has been one of the most prominent characters in very variation of the GI Joe franchise. There are more action figures of this character than I can shake a stick at. While some are better than others, his classic look has always been a favorite of mine.

 photo YoJoe021_zps67d0c8e1.jpg

For the 25th Anniversary of the line, Hasbro re-created many of the classic Joe & Cobra characters, giving them a fresh and modern look. As you can see the designers didn't stray too far from his classic A Real American Hero design. Sadly I no longer own any of my childhood Joe toys so there won't be any comparison pictures here.

 photo YoJoe022_zps31641cfe.jpg

Hasbro wasn't shy when it came to the accessory / weapons department with the 25th Anniversary figures. Storm Shadow come with two swords, a bow, removable webgear (can hold both swords) and an action figure stand.

 photo YoJoe019_zps58ac5db3.jpg

The 25th Anniversary version of Storm Shadow was first offered in a 5 figure box set alongside Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness and a Cobra Trooper. He was later packaged on a blister card with art work very reminiscent to his ARAH packaging.

Storm Shadow is one of the most iconic Cobra characters and I personally love the update he received here. Not hard to find on the secondary market, or expensive; this is a figure that belongs in your modern Joe collection.

 photo YoJoe020_zps05c9f07e.jpg


  1. This was my favorite version of Storm Shadow. I never cared for all of the specialty outfits they made for him and Snake Eyes. Even the camo hooded version from when he joined the Joes is bad. Let Storm Shadow join the Joes, that's fine, but keep him in this outfit.

    1. I agree. Sometimes the original design is the best and stands the tests of time better than all of the variations.