Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Transformers Chojin Masterforce: Godmaster Zetoca

During the late 80's Takara decided to release a few Transformers that wouldn't be seen in the West...at least in these particular colors.  1988's Chojin Masterforce series introduced the Godmasters or Powermasters as they are known outside of Japan.  Similar to how Takara earlier released the single Headmaster figures, the 3 Autobot Godmaster (Lightfoot, Ranger & Road King) engines were recolored and sold individually.  Today these little suckers can be hard to find and very expensive.

Zetoca001   Zetoca002

Lucky me though.  Awhile ago I was able to find this figure, Zetoca available for next to nothing.  I didn't realize until I had him in my hands that his package was still sealed!  I debated whether or not to open the figure, but it didn't last long as I quickly grabbed my razor blade and popped the tape!

Zetoca003   Zetoca005

First off I love the small boxes these Godmaster engines come in.  You've got that classic G1 grid on the front of the awesome artwork on the back.  The figure is housed inside a small plastic tray that easily slides out of the box.  No accessories, catalog or tech spec cards are included, just a small instruction sheet.  The sides of the box showcase all 3 of the engines - Aquastar (blue/teal) & Bullet (red/blue).

Zetoca006  Zetoca007

While I prefer the Headmaster or Targetmaster figures more, the Godmaster/Powermaster figures are still relatively good.  Zetoca has a nice shade of blue for his torso while his limbs are black.  The only paint apps on the small figure is the red on his face.  His engine block has been chromed in gold.  I was surprised to see a very small amount of rust on this screw in the engine seeing how he's been sealed since 1988.  Oh well.



Zetoca is simply a repaint of Lightfoot/Getaway's partner, Rev.  I can't decide at this point which color pallet is my favorite as both look really nice.  I think I prefer the chrome color better on Rev however.

I've always thought that Takara released the individual Headmasters and these Godmaster engines as replacements as most kids are prone to loosing small parts.  Since these small figures are so integral to their larger partners it makes sense that these would have been viewed as replacements.  Whatever the reason behind their release these guys are only for the passionate collectors.  I'm VERY happy to have finally been able to add at least one of these to my collection, but I don't see myself acquiring the other two unless lightning strikes twice for me.




  1. I really like those colors. I had no idea that Takara did that with the Godmasters, but that is a sweet looking box. Could the rust just be from humidity?

  2. Well I'm sure your Getaway is happy you opened the box! I love how the Japanese figures come boxed. Even the tapes, sold individually, came in nice little cardboard cases..just awesome!

    1. I LOVE the Japanese packaging. I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't packaged.

  3. I agree Pax, it seems with Takara or most Japanese manufacturers that the toys possess such an amazing level of craft that you just don't get to see stateside. There is evidence of pride in the meticulous details and rich illustration work that shows from the box to the instruction manuals. For me, it really makes it worth buying an import when you actually can keep the box out for display by itself.

    1. I used to have all my Japanese G1 boxes on display, but had to move them to the closet to make room for actual figures. Sucks, but I only have so much space!

  4. Been looking everywhere for this figure, jealous :)