Saturday, May 5, 2012

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers - The Sweetest Ride?

This week's League topic is:  Besides the Batmobile, what is the sweetest ride cruising the streets of pop culture?

I had to think about this one for a bit before responding.  I'm not the biggest car fan out there so unlike some I didn't have anything that immediately came to mind.  I thought about some classic television shows & movies I watched growing up.  A-Team, Back to the Future, Dukes of Hazzard...

What about the Fall Guy's 1980 GMC Sierra Grande 4x4?  My first few vehicles were trucks and how you can deny the coolness of Colt Seaver's ride?  While cool it doesn't answer the question least for me.  Back to the think tank.

If you haven't already figured out my "thing" is Transformers.  There are a LOT of sweet looking vehicular Transformers to choose from and the one I ended up going with is actually a recent release.  I give you the exclusive Transformers Collector's Club, I mean Over-Run.



Come on now.  There is simply no denying how sweet looking this car is!  From the black and red to the translucent red windows this is one sleek ride.


The car on the right is the original 80's Transformer.  Amazing how far we've come, eh?


If you don't agree with my pick then Over-Run will have to transform and come over to your house to have a little "talk" with you.  Being a maniacal Decepticon I wouldn't want to take my chances here so why not just smile and nod your head in agreeance with me?

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  1. No one mentioned a DeLorean?!?!? Aaargghhh!!! C'mon now!