Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anyone want RID Optimus Prime hanging on your Christmas tree next year?

While preparing my room for next week's interview/filming I ran across a small bag with some Christmas ornaments/lights.  Sometime after I was married my wife found a set of RID themed Transformers Christmas ornaments/lights and bought for me.  I think I only used them once or twice before being told we had a unified color theme for the tree (pre-kids I might add - now the tree is full of everything!).


Optimus is hollow and has a hole in the top of his head allowing for a light bulb to be plugged in.  The plastic is very light and translucent.  The ornament is about the size of a current Scout class figure.  Unless you are using LED lights they don't light up the entire ornament sadly.  Overall it's a neat little novelty item, but one that I no longer have a need for.  I'll be putting up all 4 for cheap on Crave soon so if you must have these on your tree next year here is your chance!


  1. I have one of those! Didn't they come with an Autobot symbol as well? Mine was single packaged for some reason though.

  2. Yes, they came w/ Autobot symbols as well...but I'm keeping those w/ the hopes I can sneak them into the tree next year!