Sunday, May 15, 2011

Transformers Generations: Warpath

Name: Warpath
Line: Transformers Generations (Hasbro)
MSRP: $11.99
Year: 2011

I was going to use my regular format to review this awesome figure, but then I remembered all the great text and video reviews of the same toy I saw months ago.
So I decided to just touch on a few things about the figure that I like and share some pictures I snapped this evening.

Wherever the fight is, that's where Warpath wants to be. His super heavy armor and powerful weapons mean he doesn't have to worry about things like orders or tactics. He just heads straight for wherever the fighting is heaviest, pouring fire into the enemy, and hoping there's someone left standing to give him a good fight when he gets there.

Strength:  6  Intelligence:  6  Speed:  5  Endurance:  8
Rank:  3  Courage:  7  Fireblast:  7  Skill:  6

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This is a figure that I know a lot of us Transformers fans have been waiting for since it was announced.  With the Dark of Moon toys slated to hit shelves in less than a week some retailers haven't been ordering the Generations line making these last few figures difficult to track down at retail.  This may leave you wondering if it's worth the extra money to buy the figure online.  YES!  This is hands down one of the best figures in the line and is a must buy.




If there was ever a Minibot from Generation One that needed a modern day upgrade it was Warpath.  I always had trouble as a kid accepting such a small tank...especially since he would routinely go up against Blitzwing in the cartoon series.  The color on the new Generations version isn't exactly the same shade, but it's very close and in my opinion looks better as the red is a shade darker.  Some people may not care for the "H" frame tank mode, but it looks great.  Before the only point of articulation in tank mode was the turret itself could rotate 360 degrees.  Not only does the turret rotate fully around, but the cannon can be raised up and down.  The added weapons are also a nice touch.  What I don't get is how does a tank get a Fireblast ranking of 7?!


As much as I love the tank mode this toy really shines in robot mode.  Wow!  Where do I begin?  First of all the transformation sequence is involved, but not so frustratingly difficult you won't want to transform this back and forth.  I love how the cannon slides into chest and pops the head up.  There is plenty of articulation to go around in this mode as well.  Movement around the shoulders are a little limited, but not so much that it ruins any poses or such.  I really can't say anything negative about this toy...yes, it's that good.



One of the trickiest things to pull off on a upgraded figure can be the head / face sculpt.  Hasbro/TakaraTomy did a great job here capturing the feel of the original G1 head while yet giving it a fresh look.  Warpath has a much more serious look and with his added firepower I wouldn't want to be a Decepticon on the receiving end!

I am really behind on opening new Transformers so I am thrilled that I took the time out of my busy schedule and chose to open Warpath first.  From what I hear there does appear to be more retail sightings of Warpath and his case mates Thundercracker and Wheeljack so I don't know if I'd pull the trigger and pay through the nose online, but if you do ever end up with this figure I think you'll love it as much as I do.


  1. Urge to buy...rising...must resist...

    He looks really good, if I can find him at a decent price I will definitely pick him up.

  2. Hi Colby! It is indeed an awesome rendition and re imagining of G1 Warpath.

  3. I have not seen him in my area but i might have to keep my eyes out and pick him up along with Scruge.

  4. Great blog. This figure looks awesome. I didn't even know this product was out until a couple of days ago. I've got to get this one.

  5. Ok, you were right. Just got him and he is awesome. Now I just have to figure out something to do with the Legends one...

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