Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Transformers Galaxy Force: Megalo Micron Team

Back during my days of collecting every single Transformers Mini-Con / Micron figure, the Megalo Micron Team had to be hands down one of my favorite sets. The molds themselves were pretty cool, but I really loved the white/blue/red unified color scheme. Combine that with the fact that they were made to go side by side w/ Megalo Convoy (Cybertron Metroplex) and you had a winning combination.

 photo Microns019_zps93bfbc81.jpg

Like many of the Japanese Micron sets, these figures were released individually as store exclusives. Megalo Gritbit and Megalo Zapmap were made available on September 29, 2005 with the purchase of any new Transformers product. Megalo Gritbit was exclusive to Hello Mac stores while Megalo Zapmap and Megalo Zigzag were exclusive to Joshin Denki stores. Tokyo didn't have any Joshin Denki stores so you'll probably find that two of the 3 figures are harder to find and will command more on the secondary market.

 photo Microns025_zps4c45c8fc.jpg

 photo Microns026_zps765c5a62.jpg

Megalo Gritbit is my favorite of the three. At one time I owned every single version of this mold, a task that took me some time and money to complete. I kinda wished I still owed a few of this mold.

 photo Microns021_zps5c32aa01.jpg

 photo Microns022_zps098b4f42.jpg

Megalo Zapmap sorely needs some additional paint apps on his robot form. I'm not sure why red wasn't at least used to highlight his visor. Something other than the blue is needed to help break up all that white.

 photo Microns023_zpsef083b6d.jpg

 photo Microns024_zpsf2493fda.jpg

Megalo Zigzag is one of those molds that just takes some getting used to. I used to loathe this mold, but I guess when I started to accumulate the different variations of it the mold started to grow on me. He certainly is colorful in robot mode, more than I can say for Megalo Zapmap.

 photo Microns020_zps6b52dd7a.jpg

 photo Microns027_zps843f1bc8.jpg

I haven't kept up w/ the secondary market prices of these exclusive Microns, but I know I had to shell out a decent amount when I picked them up new. My guess is that have gotten crazy expensive...if you can find them. Great molds, even better colors, the Megalo Micron Team really is a sight to behold.

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