Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Masters of the Universe Classics: Webstor

Name: Webstor
Line: Masters of the Universe Classics
Year: September 2009

Price: $19.99
Info: exclusive

Today we'll take a look at last month's Masters of the Universe Classics release from As I'm writing this I'm waiting in my wife's hospital room waiting to become a dad for the very first time! What that means to you, the reader, is this review may be a little sporadic since I guess you could say my mind is a little distracted!


Webstor comes packaged without his body armor or backpack attached...similar to how his vintage figure was packaged. Like most MOTU figures his body is comprised of parts from previously released figures.


I love his head sculpt. The Four Horsemen hit a home run here. The red eyes really pop out on the blue skin and the additional eyes on the forehead are just large enough that they stand out. His large white teeth that protrude from the face gives him a very menacing look. It almost looks as if he's grinning in a devilish way.


Webstor's backpack now features 4 articulated spider legs modeled after the Mike Young Productions / Masters of the Universe 200x series. These attached legs are a ball type joint and allows the legs to be posed a few different configurations. The backpack itself also features a zip line of sorts. One end of the line has a small plastic tab while the other end has a 3 pronged wench or hook. The backpack slides freely along the attached rope. I will mention that the plastic used on the hook is very soft and could easily warp if you tried to hang the hook on anything. I'm sure this was done for various child safety laws. On the back side of the backpack are 4 rectangle pegs that allow it fasten onto the back side of the body armor. I found it a little tricky to get 2 of the 4 pegs to firmly stay in place, but with a little effort they plugged into place and haven't given me any problems.


As I mentioned above the spider legs do have a good bit of articulation allowing you to fold them down behind Webstor. That way if you aren't a fan of the 200x design you can have a more classic looking villain.


I love the spider leg look to Webstor, but I have to say I'm just as impressed with his "classic" look as well.


Webstor also comes with his classic orange blaster that he can wield in either hand. Ever since this figure was revealed I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I loved he character in the Mike Young Productions cartoon series and this figure does a great job at capturing the animation model...although this figure seems to have more muscle or heft than NECA's staction figure resin statue. Whether you're a fan of the classic design or the more modern 200x do your self a favor and pick this up. As of this post the figure has already sold out on, but thanks in part to the subscription service that kicked in in September 2009 the figure lasted much longer on the website. This has also helped keep the price at a respectable level with third party vendors. I've read some reviews were people nit picked about some small blemishes on Webstor's back or with the softness of the plastic, but I honestly don't these things take anything away from the figure. My only quip with this figure is that the rope on the backpack is rather long and can get in the way. Other than that this figure is a must have and fits in well with Skeletor's other evil henchmen.

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