Saturday, September 17, 2016


If you've been following this blog then you know I've been working on adding in new glass cases into my office and re-arranging my collection. I knew before I underwent this project that there would be bots that just didn't make the cut, however I wasn't sure who that would be exactly. How was I going to make these decisions? Will I second guess myself and regret these decisions later on? There were all questions I was asking myself and I'm sure I'm not the only collector to have to ask themselves these type of hard questions.

While I'm far from being done working on the shelves, the first round of castaways have been posted for sale on Facebook and will eventually be moved to my eBay store. It's hard to see some of these figures go, but ultimately I don't have room for everything and I'm starting to build to that "less is more" stance when it comes to collecting...kinda!


Back during the original run of Transformers, I had already moved on from the series by the time Action Masters were released, so imagine my confusion when I was getting back into collecting at the tail end of G2. I wasn't that familiar with many of the Transformers post 1986-1987. I had no idea why there were Transformers that didn't actually transform. Later on when I learned about Nucleon and the story behind the Action Masters, it all started to make sense. Growing up with GI Joe I wasn't against action figure like Transformers, in fact I grew to enjoy them for awhile. 

When it came time to move my G1 behind glass, I only had so much room to work with. No longer was I concerned about completing a full G1 collection. It was time to focus on what I like and just run with that. At first I was going to ditch all the Action Masters, but I ended up keeping many of the original characters. I opted to let go the established characters who got the AM treatment. However this meant that my European exclusive Action Masters would be on the fence as well.

In the end I decided to let go of all the European AMs. Of the few that I owned, none of them were complete and many of them suffered from very floppy joints. Personally I love the Decepticons Take Off and Charger and I may have to pick those up again in the future. I know they can tend to get a little pricey on the secondary market, but I'm in no hurry.

I find it so easy to get caught up in collecting Transformers (or just about anything else for that matter) that you lose sight of why you started to collect. I found myself buying Transformers from other countries just because of their elusiveness, or to be able to say "look at what I bought!". This project of mine that I'm undertaking has been a little therapeutic. When just looking a getting rid of a few things it can be hard to pull the trigger. Once I got started photographing toys to sell I found it much easier to look at my shelves and think "who's next?" While I believe I'm done with combing through the G1 toys, I still have many other eras of TFs to consider next.

If space wasn't an issue then yes, I may have kept a few more toys. For example, Gutcruncher and his Stratotronic Jet are pretty cool and I won't let anyone ever make believe otherwise. His jet alone is pretty large, in fact I tried to fit it on one shelf in a Detolf cabinet and it's just too big. I've always wanted to hang GI Joe jets and helicopters from my ceiling and I briefly thought about trying to do the same w/ this toy. Then I came to my senses and thought I could use the funds from the sale of Gutcrucher and other TFs to pay off pre-orders or pick up something else to fill a hole in my G1 collection.

One of the G1 subgroups that I focused on after re-discovering Transformers were the Pretenders. In the mid-90's it seemed many collectors just didn't care about Pretenders, period. Or perhaps it was they were just far down on everyone's priority list of things to buy. Either way it made it easy and affordable for me to pick up a majority of the Pretenders. 

Recently as I have been dusting, inspecting and moving my toys I realized that some of the Pretenders just don't do anything for me anymore. I'm referring to the Classic Pretenders if you will. I never got around to picking up Bumblee and Jazz after I sold my MIB specimens a few years ago, but I still had Grimlock. I don't know what it is about this toy, but it doesn't impress me. While I can see other Autobots hiding in a Pretender shell, I have a hard time buying that Grimlock, the self imposed King of the Dinobots would hide behind cybernetic flesh in a Pretender shell. The little Grimlock figure inside never did much for me either, however it's not a horrible toy. These Classic Pretenders just didn't have a place in my collection any longer..well with the exception of Starscream. I do like the look of his shell and the little Screamer toy is pretty nifty as well. I can see him cowering inside a Pretender shell easily!

Another decision I made as I was painstakingly moving and setting up my new display cases was to get rid of most of the non-Takara/Hasbro toys. I say most of them as I ended up keeping my Encore versions of Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx. I don't own a G1 Shockwave currently, but he too will be the exception. Jetfire and the deluxe Insecticons became expendable. While I like the Jetfire toy itself and have some good memories of playing with that toy as a kid, it always bugged me that the toy looked nothing like his Skyfire self in the old animation. The deluxe Insecticons I never had much exposure to outside of Chop Shop. He still resides on my 1985 Decepticon shelf as I had him as a kid, but the others just didn't appeal to me. Perhaps their characters have been used properly in TF fiction and made more desirable to some, but like others I made the decision to move on without these brightly colored Insecticons.

My current workload has kept me from giving this project the time that is needed to complete it, however I couldn't move on to the next step without doing some type of farewell post for those certain castaways. Thanks for hanging around in my collection over the last 10 or so years, but it's time to find a new home and a new owner that will appreciate you more than I.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Reorganization: Casualties

If you have been following my blog or at least read my last post then you'll know that my toy room / office is undergoing some big changes. I work from home a good bit of the time and I've been sitting at my desk and out of the corner of my eye the far end of the wall (seen below) always bothered me. Sure, I had a lot displayed (Power Core Combiners, Robot Masters, Generation 2 and other mini collections), but I never liked the overall presentation. Plus I've felt the calling to give my Generation 1 collection a proper display so I decided it was time to do something about it. So far one wall of the room as gone from looking like this:

to this:

While the great reorganization is still in phase 1 there have already have been some casualties. It's really unfortunate, but it was was expected. I lost a lot of display real estate if you will when I got rid of the cube shelves and book shelves and went with the 6 Detolf cases from IKEA. However is change bad? Will I miss the castaways?

Generation One Action Masters. The casualties from the recent phase 1 reorganization. I was lucky to fit my G1 collection (for the most part) in 6 Detolf cases. Micromasters ended up on the top of the cabinets along w/ Fort Max, but I'm OK with that. I didn't want to part with those but when it came to the Action Masters (and a few select others) I just didn't know what to do. The old G.I. Joe collector in me appreciates the Action Masters, however they just look odd in my collection. After all, they are Transformers that don't transform. Granted the ones that were paired with vehicles are better and give me that M.A.S.K. vibe, but there must have been a reason why Takara never released these toys in Japan back in the 90's. I'm fine with the story behind the Action Masters (nucleon), but the toys themselves just don't appeal to me that much anymore.

As I was working on loading up the cabinets and working each 'bot in year by year, faction by faction there were some shelves that were a little more crowded than others. Granted I should be able to help remedy this problem with some clear acrylic risers that I just acquired, I began to realize that there are some G1 toys that I just don't care about. Yes, it's true. I know that may sound blasphemous to some of you, but for me that is the case.

I'm a big fan of Pretenders and when I was first getting back into collecting the Pretenders were my main focus. At the time they were easy to find and they relatively affordable. The Autobot Classic Pretenders were some of the first I bought, some loose while I picked up Bumblebee and Jazz complete and MIB. Over the years those toys just didn't hold their appeal as the other original Pretenders did. When it came time to set the cases all I had left was Grimlock and Starscream. The latter is staying because, well it's Starscream and his Pretender shell looks cool. Sorry Grimlock, you just don't have a home in my collection anymore. Same goes for the K-Mart Legends figure. If you have a keen eye you will see AM Megatron in the bottom case to the far right. I don't own a AM Optimus Prime, but I'm thinking I may pick him up and call it quits for that category.

The others that got the boot are the Deluxe Insecticons. They were kicked for a few reasons. 1) I never had them as a kid (minus Chop Shop, which survived the cull) so I don't have the same attachment to the toys as I do say the original Insecticons. 2) Since they aren't made by Takara they don't have that same feel and asthetic as other TFs. This is the same reason why I won't be picking up Jetfire for my collection. I know there are other TFs that weren't made by Takara that are still in my collection (Omega Supreme and soon Shockwave), however those characters were awesome in the old animation show and at least their toys look like their show counterparts...that's more than you can say about Jetfire.

By cutting a few toys it means I won't have that elusive complete G1 set of Transformers, but who cares? It's not a competition. I'm one of the few that actually comes in my toy room / office in the first place. Why should I keep, let alone display something that I don't care for? Plus by getting rid of a few it opened up the space to better display others. 

The great reorganization project is far from over. I'm working on adding risers to the cases before I start to photograph those. Then it's back over to the wall that houses my track shelving to begin to set up other TF collections. Will this project ever truly end? That's a question I ask myself all the time. However I have to say it's been a fun ride thus far and I look forward to finding the time to get some more work in and eventually finish this project...for now.

P.S. I haven't decided how I'm going to sell the Action Masters and other select G1 toys, but if you have any interest please send me a message at

Saturday, August 20, 2016

State of the Blog

I realize that it's been over a month since I've posted anything on the blog. Some of you may be wondering what's going on? There hasn't been a lapse this long in new content in quite some time. Like a lot of you I lead a busy life and sometimes life in general just keeps getting in the way of having a little fun. My job keeps me busy in the summer and even though I work from home some days I just haven't been able to sneak in a new review or post lately.

My office desk is in my "toy room" at home and over the last month or so I've been staring at the end wall to my left. There I had 3 cube shelves stacked on top of each other and to the left two large white book shelves. I never was happy w/ the overall look, but too lazy to do anything about it. Lately however I finally decided to use what small free time I had to liquidate some 3rd party TFs from the collection to help finance the purchase of some new Detolf cases from the local IKEA store.

I ended up purchasing four new cases and emptied and moved two cases I already owned. I've now lined the end wall of my room w/ six cases, all side by side. The first order of business was to properly display my G1 collection. I've been working on this for the last 2 weeks and while it's not 100% complete, it's getting there. I really hope to share more of what I've been working on and get back to sharing some great toys that I have, but for now here is a sample pic of the fruits of my labor.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Transformers Go!: Gekisoumaru G05

We are finally to the third and final member of Transformers Go!'s combing shinobi team, Gekisoumaru. He is also the largest of the group and the best toy in my opinion.

 photo IMG_1917_zpslfsbsmxn.jpg

 photo IMG_1920_zpssq03e3n6.jpg

 photo IMG_1918_zpsh30tbfd1.jpg      photo IMG_1919_zpsoairqllc.jpg

Gekisoumaru takes on the alternate mode of a large lion. In the standard combined configuration, he forms the chest portion of the gestalt. We'll look at that a little more in bit. His package is your standard Go! fare. A large window to show off the toy while the back of the box shows off the toy and I'm guessing tells you a little about the electronic features of the toy. One side has his Tech Spec rankings while the other shows off the combining aspect of this figure and the others in the team.

 photo IMG_1921_zps3r73cecv.jpg

When I first saw the solicitation pictures online of Gekisoumaru a few years ago I was impressed. The blue looks fantastic on the figure and the yellow and gold trim help give the figure a fantastic appearance overall. I personally like the large lion face chest too. Perhaps it's my recent interest in all things Brave again, but this guy gives me that type of vibe.

He has a solid, complete look overall. What I mean by that is the other two members of his team have areas that expose the legs going all the way up to the robot's upper body. Neither Hishoumaru or Sensuimaru have a well defined torso area and it makes the robot look awkward from certain angles. I guess since Gekisoumaru is intended to be the main torso of the combined mode and combined with his inner electronics, he has to be a bigger, beefier toy and it works.

The lion mane is made of soft yellow plastic shards that attach via a ball and socket. This gives these pieces mobility as you can pose them any way you want, or remove them all together if you light.

Articulation wise he has good range of motion in all of his limbs. His head can turn a full 360 degrees. His shoulders allow the arms to rotate a full 360 degrees. The arms have double jointed elbows. His waist doesn't turn, but you can make him do a split. He has a thigh swivel and hinge jointed knees. His toes move up and down, but that is more from transformation than it is articulation.

When you press the Autobot symbol on the lion's forehead, you are treated with some interesting phrases and sound effects.

 photo IMG_1922_zpskp8qkcfe.jpg

I will admit that his robot mode isn't quite perfect. The head is a tad small for the size of the body and that grin! What is this Cybertron/Autobot so dang chippy about?! I do love the detail that was put into the face and head however.

 photo IMG_1926_zpsj3tw1qd2.jpg

His lion tail doubles as a whip for him to wield while in combat. His top two lion mane shards can also be used individually as swords or you can combine both pieces with the tail to form a larger, more powerful combined weapon as you see here.

 photo IMG_1925_zpsug3g8xoq.jpg

One his back you'll find this clear piece where you can mount the two swords if you choose not to use them. Look carefully and you'll also see the combined robot's head.

 photo IMG_1924_zpsg3ruh6iv.jpg

Where as the other two have removable kabuto pieces, Gekisoumaru's combiner bits are worked into the figure. I removed the head (or helmet if you will since it fits over Gekisoumaru's head) so I could get a better picture of it. I has a fantastic look and the more I stare at it to more I do see a ninja vibe going on.

 photo IMG_1929_zpsbcgsvbn9.jpg

 photo IMG_1930_zpsy3k3znjk.jpg

The overall proportions of the lion may be a little off, but in hand this thing looks pretty cool. Transformation between forms is pretty straight forward, something that I found very refreshing. I'm not always a fan of these complex transformations.

His articulation in lion mode is a little limited. Each leg can rotate a full 360 degrees, thanks in part to his mane pieces being on ball and sockets. His tail is fixed between his rear legs.

 photo IMG_1923_zpsto7h2t3z.jpg

Up close look at the lion head. Good detail, I like the large white teeth and the silver vents (?) on the sides. His eyes are a red translucent plastic as they do light up and blink when the Autobot symbol on his forehead is pressed.

Personally I could take or leave the electronics. I do worry about them leaking over time and messing up the toy, plus it does add some extra size to the toy...however in this case I think the extra girth helps the toy.

 photo IMG_1931_zpsy8mibqqv.jpg

He also has an attack mode. You can fold up and forward the combined robot's head and move the sword mane pieces over to the side of his legs. Flip forward to two lower pieces of his mane and he's ready to charge in against the evil Predacons!

 photo IMG_1938_zpsmy6lrlxo.jpg

After my disappointment with the individual and combined form of the previous Transformers Go! Samurai combiner team, this is a refreshing change of pace. In this configuration the gestalt's name is GoGekisoumaru. Which ever robot forms the chest area, you just add "Go" to that robot's name.

I like the look of this configuration. The legs are still a little thin, but look better than the other options. Now I do apologize I didn't photograph the other combined configurations. I took these pictures quite awhile ago and then placed the figures up on my top shelf...and well he isn't that easy to access at this time.

You can take the other weapons and combine them to form a larger weapon, same as the other's kabuto pieces to form a large shield.

 photo IMG_1942_zps246f4o96.jpg

It's clear that Sensuimaru forms the legs, but Hishoumaru just seems to form a backpack! This does cause the combined robot to be a little top heavy, but I've had him on display like this for awhile now and he hasn't had any trouble standing up without any additional support.

 photo IMG_1939_zpsyjxteb1t.jpg

In my personal opinion Gekisoumaru is a solid figure, whether you have just him or intend on using him in his combined form. Like the others, this figure didn't seem to sell well as I've seen this toy hit clearance prices. eToysJapan currently has him in stock for just $25.19!

I should also note that he was recolored in a "Nemesis Prime" like color scheme. I believe he was a Aeon store exclusive in Japan. It is labeled as the Kurojishi version, which is supposed to translate to "black lion". eToysJapan also has this figure currently in stock, marked down from $59.94 to $41.68.

Three figure combiners have their strengths and weaknesses and they aren't for everyone. While the Samurai team let me down a bit, the Shinobi team improves on many of the others weaknesses. These figures do have a strong Brave feel so if you are fan of Takara's other family of transforming robots these may appeal to you more. However if you are just looking for something different you may want to give Hishoumaru, Sensuimaru and Gekisoumaru a look, especially since all three are basically on clearance at many online retailers.

 photo IMG_1941_zpsnebveqwv.jpg

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Transformers Go!: Sensuimaru G20

Today's post brings the 2nd member of the Shinobi team from Transformers Go!, Sensuimaru. Along with Hishoumaru and Gekisoumaru, these two sword bots form a combiner were either robot can form the top, middle or bottom. It's a different approach to the traditional Transformers combiner and while their combined form isn't my favorite, I do particularly enjoy Sensuimaru.

 photo IMG_1886_zps4acfrdho.jpg

 photo IMG_1890_zpslcyb2dxv.jpg

 photo IMG_1888_zpsalwxopbv.jpg      photo IMG_1889_zpstmarvnrd.jpg

The back of the packaging shows Sensuimaru's robot and alt mode (a very cool shark) as well as the team's combined form w/ Sensuimaru forming the top part of the combiner, GoSensuimaru. The tech spec rankings are found one end of the box, while the other end has a larger image of the combined form.

 photo IMG_1892_zpshkekosxl.jpg

 photo IMG_1894_zpspfa38izh.jpg

Sensuimaru sports a rich purple color scheme with black robotic parts with red and white paint in certain areas. The robot mode does have a few drawbacks however. First is the kibble on his shins is quite large, but thankfully it doesn't detract too much from the over look. The 2nd drawback, and quite the biggest issue with the robot mode is the fact that he's all legs. The small waist "skirt" needs to be a little larger to help hide the fact that the legs continue past his waist. Flip Sensuimaru around and you'll see just how awful the robot looks,

Because of the combining gimmick, his articulation is limited. His arms have a good range of motion in the shoulder and elbow areas, but with no true waist the leg articulation is limited to the knees. You can spread out the legs a bit, but the further you move the legs apart the more apparent it is the lack of a waist.

 photo IMG_1893_zpsfmqtkeah.jpg

While I prefer Sensuimaru's headsculpt over Hishoumaru's, the head just seems to float above the body too much for my tastes. With his alt mode being that of a shark, I'm OK with the head being molded into the body of the alt mode.

 photo IMG_1909_zpszwxlrp2w.jpg

Sensuimaru's kabuto is a bit smaller than this teammates. This piece is used for when Sensuimaru forms the top part of the combined mode, but can also be attached to both the robot and shark modes or wielded as a shield or a weapon.

I particularly like the way Sensuimaru's kabuto looks. The head sculpt looks fantastic and the gold sections helps make the chest look fuller in combined mode. At first I thought the silver portion at the bottom was a missile or some type of weapon, but after looking at it again it's actually an anchor. Makes since since he has a marine alt mode.

 photo IMG_1934_zpsm0uvu4uo.jpg

Sensuimaru's kabuto can be attached to his robot mode, but in my opinion it just looks odd all folded up on his back. You can almost fold it up far enough that the anchor tips sit on his shoulders like rocket launchers.

 photo IMG_1895_zpso0hmbqra.jpg

 photo IMG_1891_zpspf4oug0s.jpg

I'm not sure what his weapons are supposed to be. Are they shuriken of some sort? Or are they just a generic bladed weapon like a pick axe? Either way, he can wield these one in each hand, or combine them for a larger weapon.

 photo IMG_1897_zps0lsfccab.jpg

 photo IMG_1896_zpsnkwetmqb.jpg

Sensuimaru has the best alt mode of the 3 Shinobi team members hands down. While he is clearly a shark, he almost has this submarine vibe going on as well. While he does have a good bit of under carriage in alt mode, at least he's armed. While I'm not the most versed fan/collector of Takara's Brave series of toys, from day one I've always thought that Sensuimaru had a Brave aesthetic.

 photo IMG_1898_zpsgpfpcpiz.jpg

There is so much detail sculpted into this figure that I can forgive the overall lack of articulation. In shark mode his jaw is articulated as well as the front purple fins, but that is about it.

 photo IMG_1910_zpsbmsbqmwy.jpg

 photo IMG_1911_zpsk1cgetce.jpg

The kabuto piece attaches to underneath of the shark and actually blends in well with the figure. When you place the shark on a smooth hard surface you'll see that the nose leans down a little more than when the kabuto isn't attached.

 photo IMG_1933_zpsbipxgrqi.jpg

 photo IMG_1937_zpso7m9jir5.jpg

Sensuimaru to me is one of those figures that you'll either love or hate. He has a decent robot mode and a fantastic alt mode. He isn't the most articulated and he has some flaws in robot mode, but overall I think he's a solid figure. Because of his large legs I opted with keeping Sensuimaru the lower portion of the combined robot, but his kabuto does have a great head sculpt and I wouldn't hesitate switching around the order of these 3 bots.

Like with his Shinobi teammates, I don't think he sold very well and hit the clearance racks fairly quickly. As of this post, you can still grab him brand new for $16.03, roughly 50% off his original retail price at eToysJapan. If you're looking for a different type of combiner then you may want to give the Shinobi team a chance...especially since the prices for the 3 figures have fallen so much.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Transformers Go!: Hishoumaru G10

While Western audiences were treated with the continuation of the Transformers Prime toyline in Beast Hunters (and eventually on the television show as well), Japan decided to go a different route with Transformers Go!. Set in the same universe as Prime, Go! essentially continues the story after season 2 of Prime ended. This isn't the first time where Takara has taken Transformers down a different path than what other parts of the world received.

Combiners made their return to Transformers with the inclusion of the Swordbots, martial artist transformers that have the ability to combine and form powerful three robot combiners. There were two teams, Samurai and Shinobi. The Samurai team was the first to receive toys in the Go! series. I own this group and had every intention on doing a post for each 'bot, but if I'm being honest I wasn't all that impressed with them as individual robots so I may never get around to that post. However I'm glad to say the Shinobi team is pretty cool and Hishoumaru is the first member of the Shinobi team we'll look at.

 photo IMG_1899_zpsirryim5r.jpg

 photo IMG_1902_zpsodvb7fvw.jpg

 photo IMG_1900_zps7z9w1qow.jpg      photo IMG_1901_zpsy3jcxdqx.jpg

Takara always does a great job with the packaging for their Transformers series and Go! is no different. Packaged in large window boxes, you can see Hishoumaru displayed in his robot mode. Flip the box over and you've got a larger product shot of the toy in robot and beast mode as well as his combined mode where he forms the top of the combiner.

One side of the box gives you a larger view of the combined mode where Hishoumari forms the top of the combiner robot. We'll talk more about that later. The other side of the box has his tech spec ratings.

 photo IMG_1907_zpslbccnpby.jpg

 photo IMG_1908_zpsbhmqt3hg.jpg

When you have a robot that combines with others there is bound to be some drawbacks to the toy. In the case of this one (and others in the Shinobi group) these robots tend to have very long legs and not much of a defined waist area. Hishoumaru has probably the best robot mode of the group as the torso plastic covers the center portion fairly well. Flip the figure around and it's a whole different story. The robot's legs do suffer from a bit of beast kibble as the bird feet fold up and just hang off the side of his calves.

Articulation for the robot is hampered by the combining element, but between the hinge joints and ball joints you can pull off some decent poses.

 photo IMG_1904_zpsodbksamq.jpg

The only part of the robot that I really don't care for is the head/face sculpt. I guess I'm just not fond of the rounded, almost humanoid head. Looking at his long enough and I can start to see Rodimus Prime a little bit.

 photo IMG_1915_zpsnmhpf8wn.jpg

Each Swordbot comes with their own unique kabuto along with a few weapons. The kabuto serves as the upper torso and combiner head for when that robot forms the upper half of the trio combiner. While not combined, each robot can wield the kabuto as a shield or a weapon. This piece can also be attached in beast and robot modes.

 photo IMG_1935_zpskrwbembg.jpg

In this shot you can see the kabuto has been attached to the back of Hishoumaru. He is also wielding his main weapon, a kunai knife sword. This piece also doubles as the tail section while in beast mode.

 photo IMG_1912_zpssgmcfehb.jpg

I'm not sure what animal his beast mode is supposed to be. Is it a phoenix, eagle or some sort of chicken? I actually like the bird mode more than I thought I would. It's a little thick and wide in places, but it works. It's not as nice as say Energon's Divebomb was, but it gets the job done.

 photo IMG_1913_zps2jiwzuam.jpg

From a top view you can get a better idea how the kunai sword attaches to the rear of the bird to form it's tail feathers of sorts. You can also attach the kabuto to the bird's back as well and flip up the head antennae to form little guns. I apologize that I forgot to take a picture of this, but you'll see what I've referenced in the Shinobi team group shot below.

 photo IMG_1914_zpspsvc8vlz.jpg

While I didn't care for the robot's head sculpt, I love the beast mode's bird head sculpt. The red eyes help complete that evil Decepticon look.

 photo IMG_1933_zpsbipxgrqi.jpg

 photo IMG_1937_zpso7m9jir5.jpg

Overall Hishoumaru surprised me. I honestly didn't know what to expect going in after the mild disappointment that was the Samurai team. He has decent looking forms in both robot and beast modes, a fair amount of articulation and he makes for a good upper torso potion of the combiner, GoHishou. I do see however how some fans just don't care for this figure. It's made to combine with the other Shinobi team members...period and while it has it's shortfalls, he turns out to be a decent figure who just happens to have a very loud color scheme going on.

I don't believe this figure (or the other combiners) sold very well and now can be had in a set of 3 with the other Shinobi team members ($30-$50) for what I paid for the figure alone when it was first released. One online store I used to shop frequently has him in stock as of today's date for a mere $16.03 if you're interested.

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