Monday, April 12, 2021

Matchbox Monday: 2020 #027/100 International Armored Truck

From the 2020 series, International Armored Truck is part of the MBX City subseries.

I've always found armored trucks to be fascinating so when I saw this truck hanging on the pegs I knew I had to pick it up. While I would have preferred a different deco from the Mattel Federal Credit Union, this is still a very solid release. While the body of the truck is plastic, the undercarriage is die-cast metal. There is a great deal of detail molded in, but with the paint apps on the side it means that the front and rear of the vehicle have to do without paint. It's a shame as the grill would look great with some paint apps. The tires and wheels look fantastic, probably one of my favorite combinations.

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