Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lego #3177 Small Car

Name: Small Car #3177
Line: Lego - City
Year: January 2010

Price: $6.99

For the last day of 2009 we'll take a look at one of the first Lego City sets in the 2010 line up. This set may be one of the lower price points, but it has a lot to offer in this small box. Read on and discover that small packages can contain lots of fun.

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Set #3177 is simply labeled as "Small Car" and has 43 pieces. This is a very small and simple set, but a nice addition to the City subgroup.

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When they labeled this set simply as "Small Car" they weren't lying! The car measures 2 1/2 inches long and only 1 inch wide. The majority of the pieces are black and white and a splash of gray used on the front's grill and the wheels. The window is a translucent smoke color which fits in nicely with the monotone color scheme. One of the thing I like most about the car is the smooth tires. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall past sets using smooth tires. It almost gives the set a go-kart feel as the rubber tires grip a smooth surface really well. In typical Lego fashion there are some odd color pieces used in the construction of the set. There are 2 flat green pieces that elevate the blue steering column to the correct height for the mini-figure. The same green piece was used in the front bumper. Most of the pieces can't be seen very well, but I often wondered why not use a different color that blends in better?

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After taking a look at the mini-figure I'm surprised they didn't label this set as "Doctor's Car" or something similar. You can see the blue mask hanging down around the guy's neck and the green pants do look like hospital scrubs. Regardless of what the figure's occupation is the figure is done well. I don't recall seeing the top half of the figure used in the past. Hair piece shows some good sculpting and resembles hair much better than the older "helmet" sculpt.

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Remove the top of the car to insert the mini-figure. It is a snug fit, but there is even plenty of room for his luggage behind his seat. This is a very nice touch as you can fit everything included in the set securely inside the vehicle.

This is a great little Lego set. While it may not offer anything innovative or new or does do a good job at giving the buyer a new compact car to work into your own Lego city. The set is small enough and easy to construct that it won't give smaller hands trouble. Even at 32 I enjoyed putting the set together! The $6.99 price point also makes this set an impulse buy for a lot of people. I can happily say that I recommend this set on all fronts. If this isn't on your local retail shelves already it should be within the coming days/weeks.

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