Sunday, July 26, 2020

Quick Changers: Pizza Delivery Truck / Pizza Parlor

The toy shelves in the 80's were full of transforming/converting toys and these Quick Changers from Buddy L circa 1982 are some of the first I remember. I'm pretty sure I had this Pizza Delivery Truck as a kid and when I recently came across a few carded specimens I couldn't resist.

I can't tell if this one has been previously opened or if the glue from the blister bubble dried up. You can see the bubble has yellowed due to it's age so my guess would be that the glue dried. The card features some pretty cool art followed by 4 simple steps to convert the toy from one form to another. I also like the "no batteries needed" blurb for the adults who would be purchasing these for their kids.

The back of the blister card again has a few simple steps for converting the toy back and forth along with a cross sell of the other vehicles offered in the line. I think this is the initial wave of vehicles and as I remember a few others that I don't see pictured here.

The vehicle is chunky and lightweight, but the plastic doesn't feel cheap. It's mostly hollow underneath and the white box of the vehicle is also hollow as it just pegs onto the vehicle's body. The stickers come pre-applied and after 30+ years amazingly still look good. The vehicle features rubber wheels and a pull back friction "motor" allowing the vehicle to travel on it's own once pulled back.

The conversion is the same for most of the vehicles. Take off the top and fold the vehicle body in half. You do have to flip back the front wheel assembly underneath to do so. Once this is done, the top pegs back on and you have your alternate mode.

It looks more like a pizza parlor front the front view than the side, but for something so simple this is fairly imaginative. I imagined as a kid I probably made a little city block out of the few Quick Changers I had. These are fun little toys and at the time of this post is my latest "desk distraction" in my office. These still pop up from time to time on the secondary market if you have the desire to look.

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  1. Neat. I thought it was going to change into a robot. A pizza parlor was a very nice surprise.