Friday, February 5, 2016

GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra: Low-Light

As I've been working on getting some new content prepped for the blog, I went to the last few pages of photos yet to be edited and I ran across several GI Joe figures that I photographed before I sold off the majority of what I had of a Joe collection. It kind of saddens me to see the brand not getting the attention it used to, but I get it. Military and war toys just aren't as appealing as they were in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. I understand why parents may not want their kids playing with toys of a "ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world". Even so some of the best Joe figures Hasbro pumped out where right before things seemed to sizzle out. I'm talking about the great Pursuit of Cobra series.

 photo YoJoe037_zpsfb0742c6.jpg

It's funny how certain characters become super popular when the original toy this new hot figure is based off of wasn't anything special. I never owned the Real American Hero Low-Light figure and I really never cared for the way he was depicted in any of the original Sunbow animation, however when pictures of this new version surfaced on the internet I could see why so many people were anxious to add him to their collection.

 photo YoJoe044_zpsd1fdb5e2.jpg

 photo YoJoe043_zps5eb1ca8a.jpg

To saw that Low-Light came with a lot of gear, weapons and accessories would be a huge understatement! Just take a look at the massive backpack he comes with. Unlike the backpacks of old that just plugged into the back of the figure, this one can hold some of his gear. We've got what appears to be night vision goggles, ammo for his sniper rifle, a walkie talkie an some other sort of device. 

 photo YoJoe040_zps5c8c294e.jpg

 photo YoJoe041_zps39ea87db.jpg

This case that holds his sniper rifle is something else. I thought the case that Bullhorn from the ARAH series was impressive before. Being a marksmen it makes sense that Low-Light's main weapon be something as stealthy as a sniper rifle, but to take the extra step to include a case like this? Kudos goes to somebody on the Joe team working at Hasbro.

 photo YoJoe042_zps33cd24f2.jpg

You're not going to get many (if any) dynamic poses out of me, but see how awesome this gun looks in his hands?

 photo YoJoe039_zps83b48830.jpg

I almost overlooked this subtle feature of the figure when I ripped him out of this packaging. On this right thigh is a small flashlight that can actually be removed and held in his hands! Just one more small touch and an added accessory that helps make this figure stand head and shoulders above his peers.

 photo YoJoe038_zps4ecc9c4f.jpg

When a sniper rifle won't get the job done, Low-Light always has an uzi to fall back on!

 photo YoJoe045_zps3d7f0eaa.jpg

Prices for this figure range from $15-$20 loose, complete to $30+ for sealed, carded versions. It's an awesome figure with great detail and great paint apps. The accessories are what put this figure over for me and I'm sure the same could be said for other Joe fans. If you collect modern GI Joes, you need this figure in your collection.

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  1. This has got to be one of the coolest figures I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!